Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2016 - 30 September 2018
Activity concerned:
PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:
A. Coordination of activities
B. Dissemination
C. Exploitation
D. Evaluation

A. COORDINATION of activities includes:
- participation with Pixel in the planning of the project for the two years
- organization together with Pixel of the 4 transnational meetings and participation together with the project steering committe in these meetings
- updating the project site and filling in the in-progress, yearly and final reports
- continuous sharing of information through emails and Skype meetings,
- finding solutions and communication with the NA whenever problems may appear
- constant checking that the project requirements and deadlines are met.
- sharing information about Softisped Project through the project portal with a large number of target group representatives
- sharing the project portal and project results with as many educational players, paediatric services and patients as possible
- sharing the Softisped project activities and results on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, (YouTube, LinkedIn, local and national media)
C. EXPLOITATION aims to promote project sustainability and includes:
- exchange of links with portals in the field of medical education and communication
- promote the project results and portal among public authorities and policy makers in the field of paediatrics so that they will adopt and implment project results in the Paediatric education and practice
- involve new associated partners in the project.
D. EVALUATION is meant to ensure the quality of project activities and will be ensured through satisfaction questionnaires to be filled in by project partners and end users.

Description of activities carried out:
In terms of coordination of activities, FILAB has carried out the following activities:
- Selected the project team
- Started the selection process of the target groups (10 lecturers and 30 students and residents in paediatrics). Activity in progress.
- Participated in the first project meeting in Florence in December 2016
o Made a Power Point presentation and a report about the national healthcare system
o Participated in the presentation and discussions about financial and administrative rules, other contractual issues, further deadlines for project implementation
o Participated in the discussions and decisions about the adaptation of questionnaires to existing evaluation scales in the field of paediatrics.
- Wrote the disclaimer text related to the questionnaires
- Participated in the second project meeting in Madrid in May 2017
- Participation on the third project meeting in Munich (January 2018)
- Participation on the fourth project meeting in Tirgu Mures, 2018 September

In terms of Dissemination, FILAB has carried out the following activities
- Distributed a copy of the project brochure to the partners
- Translated the project brochure to Hungarian
- Has joined the Facebook page
- Has posted on the Facebook page content related to project activities
- Has published a post about the project on FILAB homepage
- Has sent disseminated the project through sharing with personal contacts on LinkedIn
- contacted and met two associated partners: Association of Primary Care Pediatricians and Childhood Foundation of Madarász Street Hospital
- obtained letters from the two associated partners
- organized dissemination event
- contacted and met one more associated partners: Corvinus University of Budapest
- organisation of dissemination events in cooperation with Assoc. of Primary Childcare
- contacting Health Science Faculty of Semmelweisz University
- preparation of participation in training week at Tirgu Mures
- organized dissemination events
- contacted and met three associated partners

-involved the associated partners and collected exploitation links.

- filled the evaluation questionnaire of the project meetings

Results Achieved:

1) Project brochure in Hungarian
2) Presentation of the Hungarian Health System
3) Constant communication with partners
4) Participation in Kick-off meeting in Florence
5) dissemination on FB and LinkedIn
6) dissemination on homepage
7) new associated partners to the project contacted
8) wrote a disclaimer related to the questionnaires
9) Participation in project meeting in Madrid
10) started to organize dissemination events (2017 November)
11) Participation in project meeting in Munich
12) Dissemination on conferences and research week
13) Participation in project meeting in Tirgu Mures
14) Preparing the final report