Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
01 April 2017 - 30 September 2018
Activity concerned:
IO2 - Training Package for Paediatricians Professors and Trainers

Objectives of activities carried out:
Project partners will be involved in a cooperative effort for the creation of the training package addressed to practitioners in pediatrics, teachers and trainers on how to assist pediatric undergraduate and resident students in developing and consolidating their soft skills for improving the quality of pediatric services.
The training package will be developed in order to address the needs identified by Intellectual Output 1 and it will contain teaching resources for each identified soft skill and will be made available on the project portal.

Description of activities carried out:
- Preparing the the training course for the module Communicationg with Parents:
- video tutorial
- 5 practical activity
- 4 case studies
- 20 interactive test

-Creation of links for video tutorial on YouTube.
- Uploaded Module on the Project Forum for peer-review.
- Peer-reviewed the partners' modules
- started to translate the modules in Hungarian
- Forum discussion on the modules' content and structure

Results Achieved:
Prepared the the training course for the module Communicationg with Parents and uploaded to the project forum
Translation 4 modules to Hungarian
Re-edit of Module 2 for better on-line access
Translation of the German Module Communicating in a Multicultural Environment