Partners' Institution:
Hospital Universitario Fundación Alcorcón
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2016 - 30 September 2018
Activity concerned:
PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:
The role of HUFA in this period has covered the following activities:

1) Coordination of national activities
2) Dissemination
3) Exploitation
4) Evaluation

1) Coordination of the national activities

- In progress reporting activities and delivery reports at progress and final stage
- Constant sharing of solutions and circulation of information through emails and Skype meetings with Coordinator, and other partners
- Check the national research activities
- Participation in one transnational meeting (Florence)
- Organization of 1 transnational meeting (Madrid)
- Checking that the national Project requirement and deadline are respected

2) Dissemination

- Promoting the Softis-Ped project among health care professionals, undergraduate and graduate medical students
- Sharing the Softis-Ped project and its results with the highest number of lecturers in medical education and nursing
- Sharing the Softis-Ped Project and its results with the highest number of patients and stakeholders
- Spreading the Softis-Ped activities and results on the most popular Social Network (Facebook. Twitter, You Tube, and national media )

3) Exploitation

- Involve new associated partners in the Project
- Promote the Project results and website among stakeholders and policy makers in the field of paediatrics an related medical specialities in order to promote the use of intelectual outputs produced through research activities
- Involve asociated partners in the Project

4) Evaluation

- Check the quality of research in the health care institutions involved in the research activities respecting standards defined by the Project’s coordinator and the national framework about research involving human beings

Description of activities carried out:
As a consortium partner HUFA has carried out the following activities:

- Selected the Project team
- Selected the target groups (12 lecturers and 30 students and residents paediatrics)
- Participated in Skype meeting with Pixel and other partners to coordinate research activities at national level
- Preparation of the contract form, signatures and review with HUFA legal office
- Participation in the visual identity of the Project: the Softis-Ped Logo and and Softis-Ped brochure
- Participation in the first transnational meeting in Florence: reviewed the Project templates for the partner presentation, creation of the national report on pediatric services, questionnaires distribution to the target groups
- Participation in the first Project meeting:
o a ppt presentation of the HUFA,
o ppt presentation and file Word related to the national peadiatric system in Spain according to the template,
o presentation of target group involvement,
o presentation of the project intellectual outputs and projects event: focus group at national level, training meeting in Madrid, discussion about financial and administrative rules, other contractual issues, further deadlines for the Project implementation
o discussion about questionnaiers to existing evaluation scales in the fields of peadiatrics.
- Organization of the transnational meeting in Madrid in May 2017: hotel booking, preparation of the forms with travel and accomodation indications, organization of social event
- Particpation to the 3rd National meeting in Munich


In terms of dissemination activities HUFA has carried out the following activities:

- Distributed the Project brochure to the stakeholders in order to involve them in the Project: medical school Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Europea to the lecturers and graduate medical students.
- Translated the Softis-Ped brochure in Spanish
- Joined the Fb page and contributed to Project visibility through the involvement of personal lists.
- Disseminated the Project through the memebers of Instituto de Ética Clinica Francisco Vallés, Madrid
- Disseminated the Project to the Universidad Federal de Santa Maria, Brasil
- Dissemination event in the Hospital Universitario Niño Jesus de Madrid to 12 pediatricians, 7 residents and 10 medical students
- Dissemination event in the Hospital Universitario XII de Octubre, Madrid
- Obtained Letter from Turma do Ique, Brasil as Associated Partner
- Discussion with Sociedad Española de Pediatría to involve them as associated partners
- Mailing with Filipp Gavi on behalf of SorridiPietro Onlus in order to involve the NGO as a associated partner and support Softis-Ped to disseminate intellectual outputs.
- Posted in facebook page contents related to the project activities
- Dissimeniate the project with the local medical students of Universidad Europea, Universidad Autónoma, Universidad Re Juan Carlos de Madrid
- Organization of the Multiplier Event at the Hospital Universitario Niño Jesus, Madrid
- Translation to the Spanish of the IO2 and IO3 contents
- Translation into the Spanish of the Dictionary
- Translation intto the Spanish of the website contents
- Participation to the fourth meeting at Trigu Mures
- Development of the financial report


In terms of exploitation HUFA has carried out the following activities:

- mailing activities and letters to the potential associated partners
- included the link of the project in national website of the Instituto de Ética Clínica Francsco Vallés
- Obtained 5 associated partners
- Planned a doctoral dissertation


In terms of evaluation HUFA has carried out:

-fill the evaluation questionnaire of the first meeting
-fill the evaluation questionnaire of the second meeting
-fill the evaluation questionnaire of the third meeting
-fill the evaluation questionnaire of the fourth meeting
-fill the Lecturer evaluation questionnaire of the IOs
- Write the Lecturer evaluation report

Results Achieved:
1) Project logo
2) Project brochure in Spanish and English
3) Presentation of the Spanish Health Care System
4) Target group forms filled
5) Constant communication with the partners
6) Participation to the kick-off meeting in Florence
7) Organization of transnational meeting in Madrid
8) Formalize and sign the contract with the coordinator
9) Dissemination on Facebook, Twitter and Instituto de Ética Clinica Francisco Valles website
10) Two new associated partner to the project: Turma do Ique y Sorridipietro Onlus
11) Development and Translation of 4 informed consent in Spanish and English
12) Formalization Ethics Committee procedures to implement national research
13) Promotion, information and distribution of the questionnaires in three public hospitals
14) Included information about the target group on the web site
15) Dissemination to the group of four different medical schools: Universidad Europea de Madrid, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Rey, Spain Juan Carlos, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brasil
16) Dissemination activities among the health care professionals of three public hospitals in Madrid through a project presentation in each clinical session of the paediatric unit
17) Participation to the 3rd meeting in Munich
18) Dissemination activités at the Universidad Europea de Madrid, Universidad San Martin De Porres, Lima, Perú, Universidad de Arequipa Perú
19) Participation to the 4th meeting in Trigu Mures
20) Translation into the Spanish of all the educational material of the project