Partners' Institution:
University of Tirgu Mures
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2016 - 30 September 2018
Activity concerned:
IO1 - Publication on Paediatrics Soft Skills Needs

Objectives of activities carried out:
Partners of Softisped project will create an evidence and research-based publication regarding the expectations of the target groups involved in pediatric health care and the recipients of these services, i.e.
a) pediatricians and physicians working with children/residents in pediatrics
b) pediatric patients
c) patients' parents/guardians
d) health care staff in the five countries involved in the project.
Opinions of 25 respondents/country in each group will be collected through questionnaires and interviews. Results will be analysed referring to their expectations. Outcomes will reflect on what will be the most important soft skills that have to be taught - basis for the development of the training package (IO2) and learnt - learning package (IO3).

Description of activities carried out:
The University of Tirgu Mures revised, adapted and adopted the calendar of activities in order to identify the different partners' roles, deadlines and responsibilities.
The University of Tirgu Mures has also:
- created the Protocol for the Ethics Committee in order to obtain agreement for distribution of the questionnaires to the target group
- obtained agreement from the Ethics Committee of the Emergency Hospital and informed consent from the participating pediatricians to post their data on the Project Portal
- adapted the existing evaluation scales for conducting research involving the pediatric patients
- adapted the questionnaires to the pediatric patient
- translated the questionnaires in Romanian
We distributed the Questionnaires to the envisaged target groups:
- 25 health care staff
- 25 pediatricians
- 25 pediatric patients
- 25 parents/guardians and we are now in the stage of collecting them.
- collection of the questionnaires and inclusion of results in Excel files for processing and interpretation of results.
- collection and approval of partial results on softskills needs from the other partners for pediatricians and health care staff
- drawing conclusions on softskills needs for the Romanian surveyed groups
- finalized template for the entire publication
- first book draft in English - without the German sections
- translation of the book draft into English
- inclusion of the German sections in the book draft
-translation of the German sections into Romanian
- final editing: checking of plagiarism, obtaining the ISBN, printing of the hard copy of the book.

Results Achieved:
Protocol for the Ethics Committee to be adapted by project partners
Final form of the Questionnaires to be administered to the target groups
Agreement from the Ethics committee to obtain informed consent for publication of personal data on the project portal
The target groups have been uploaded on the project portal

We have:
- administered the questionnaires to the the four categories of populations: pediatricians, health care staff, pediatric patients and parents/relatives.
- collected all the questionnaires and included the obtained data in Excel files for statistical processing and interpretation of results.
- included the results in the National Report template for the E-book preparation and have written the report on the expectations of of the target groups involved in pediatric health care and the recipients of these services. Results obtained will provide the link for the next step in the project activity: i.e. deliniating the most important softskills likely to cope with the pediatric health care actors' expectations
- translated the results from Romanian into English.
- template for the IO1 publication
- conclusions on softskills for Romania for the four surveyed groups: patients, parents, pediatricians, health care staff
- draft of the IO1 book:
Chapter 1: Introduction - National reports on Pediatric services and pediatric education for all the countries (Romania, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Germany)
Chapter 2: Communication (included results from Romania, Italy, Spain, Hungary)
Chapter 3: Final conclusions
- draft of IO1 book translation into Romanian
- final hard copy of Research on Softskills - University Press Tirgu Mures
- the book was launched on the occasion of the final Softisped conference in Tirgu Mures on September 13, 2018