Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
20 September 2018 - 20 September 2018
Activity concerned:
ME - Multiplier Events

Objectives of activities carried out:
Final multiplier and focus group event was organized to disseminate the results reached, methodology implemented and output produced in the Softis-Ped project. The participants in the multiplier events will be: teachers, professors, students and paediatric practitioners.

Description of activities carried out:
With the help of Mediconsult Ltd, the Softis-Ped project was introduced and discussed in detail. The audience (target group) was composed mainly from the members of the Association of Primary Care Paediatricians, most of them having a long practical record. Others, like educated nurses, residents were also involved, since especially the educated nurses work in the frontline and a large part of their job is communicating with children and parents. The Information day was organised in a multiple fashion, after a short introduction about the interpretation and significance of soft skills, the different aspects of communication (children, parents, staff, peers) and finally briefly the intercultural aspects were introduced. Having outlined the topic, the training packages were demonstrated to the participants. Since the multilingual environment is not typical in Hungary, this part was only assessed shortly.

Results Achieved:
The participants were quite interested in the project’s achievements, and during the Q & A session many questions and remarks were addressed to the project’s local representative. It was noted that the new young generation is already heavily “infected” with technology and reaching them the professionals also should learn it. (Note this request is a skill, usually we classify it as transversal skill.) Another problem relates to the wide selection of information sources that are available on the Internet. Especially parents often obtain information from these sources, although their reliability vary. The same problem arises with the forum, where parents share contradicting opinions. Participants agreed, the medical intelligence and awareness is a crucial factor in the success of treatment. Also, the aging medical professionals’ difficulties were mentioned with the organisational problems. Paediatricians complained, too much time they should spend with recording data on the cloud based on-line health platform, and they do not see the benefit of these services. However, this problem is out of scope, the problem often makes headache to them. Regarding the practical applications and suggested learning methods, like CBL, PBL, simulation, they emphasized they are very useful in the formal training, but not in case of on-the-job training. Also the progressive healthcare system put the burden of telling the bad news rather to the paediatricians working in hospital, than in primary care.