Partners' Institution:
Azienda Sanitaria Locale TO3
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2016 - 30 September 2018
Activity concerned:
PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:
The project management is carried out throughout the project period and ensures the correct development of the project activities and the achievements of the expected results.
It is divided into 4 main activities:
- Coordination of the activities (PM1) and Rules and Procedures of ASLTO3
- Dissemination (PM2)
- Exploitation (PM3)
- Quality and monitoring plan (PM4)

PM1: Coordination of the activities
It includes:
• Planning of all the activities of the project for the 2 years project life
• Participation in and organisation of 1 transnational meeting of the steering committee
• In progress reporting activities
• Coordinatorio of scientific board of ASLTO3

PM2: Dissemination
In includes:
- Making the Softis-Ped Portal accessible to the largest possible number of representatives of the target grops
- Sharing the Softis-Ped Portal and the results of the Softis-Ped project with the highest number of operators in the field of education
- Spreading the Softis-Ped activities and results on the most popular Social Network (Facebook)
• ICSEM 28 April - Florence (IT)
• Piedmont Region - Event of dissemination - 27 March 2017
• Students of Nursing - ORiental Piedmont University - 16th May 2017

PM3: Exploitation
It aims to promote the project sustainability. The actions to be carried out are:
• Promote the Portal through the exchange links with Portals addressing similar issues (e.g. Portals providing educational materials for paediatricians; portals on communication skills etc.)
• Promote the among public authorities and key policy makers in order to gain institutional consensus and promoting the insertion of project results in policies for Higher Education.
• Involve new members as associated partners
• Scientific Committee of ASLTO3 in which the Family Paediatrics are involved
• Regional Network of Family Paediatrics in Piedmont Region

PM4: Quality and Monitoring Plan
The aim of evaluation is to measure and ensure the quality of all the activities and of the project intellectual output in ASLTO3.

Evaluate the sustainability of Softis Ped project in ASL TO3.

Description of activities carried out:
Coordination of the activities:
ASLTO3 took part at kick off partners' meeting with Sabrina Grigolo and Lucia Pagana. In particular:
- Rules and Procedures signed by General Director have been created
- Scientific Board of ASLTO3
- Selected the target groups (10 lecturers and 30 students and residents in paediatrics)
- National Report about Paediatry in Italy
- Preparation of materials for participation in the third Project Meeting in Munic (January, 22nd-23th 2018)

ASLTo3 contributed to preparation of the project’s brochure in Italian
A total number of 11 dissemination events have been carried out so far.
Lucia Pagana and Marco Rolando met Director of NPI School at University of Turin

A link with the Specialization Schools in NPI and Paeditrics has been created by Lucia Pagana

All activities have been shared and evaluated with the Scientific Board of ASLTo3

Results Achieved:
1. Participation of kick off partners' meeting
2. Calendar of Activities shared
3. Calendar of Deadlines shared
4. Partners' role
5. National Report about Paediatry in Italy
6. List of Paediatrics and lecturers
7. Participation in the second Partners Meeting in Madrid
8. Participation in the third Partners Meeting in Munich
9. Participation in the fourth Partners Meeting in Tirgu Mures