Partners' Institution:
Azienda Sanitaria Locale TO3
Name of the person involved in the event:
Marco Nangeroni
Date of the event:
13 September 2018 - 13 September 2018
Type of Dissemination event:
Article in newspaper
Target group:
General Public
Number of people reached by event:
Held in:
Collegno (Italy)
Description of Dissemination Event:
Softis-Ped ASL TO3 group, has chosen to organize the ECM SOFTIS-PED course: SOFT SKILL IN PEDIATRICS, COMMUNICATION, RELATIONSHIP AND ETHICS IN THE TAKE-OFF IN PEDIATRICS, which will be held in Collegno Saturday September 8th, 2018 in ASL TO3 Great Hall of Education (9 a.m. to 4 p.m). The event has got the purpose to give visibility to the results achieved during the project, with the maximum participations of fifty pediatricians, medical doctors, pediatric nurses and psychologists, including twenty free choice pediatricians / other figures in the sector of other ASLs / ASOs. Under the coordination of dr. Marco Nangeroni, scientific director of the event, internal and external teachers there were invited to set the main reflections emerged regarding the communication and the centrality of the needs of the little patient and parents in the normative framework of the Charter of the Child's Law. At the opening of the day, entrusted to Dr. Rebora, ASL TO3 Health Director, will follow the interventions of: Ms. A. Borgarello, pediatric nurse, on "The Charter of the Rights of the Child in hospital: the model of the HPH Piemonte network ". Dr. E. Castagno, S.C. Pediatria d'Urgenza, Regina Margherita Hospital, on "Good practices on the management of procedural pain in Pediatrics". Ms L. Callegari, S.S. Neonatology, Pinerolo ASL TO3, on "Experience of procedural pain in neonatology". Dr. F. Garofalo, S.C. Pediatrics Osp. Rivoli ASL TO3 on "Interaction problems hospital territory". Dr. C. Guidoni, PDS ASL TO3 Susa, on "Experience of a path of of promotion of parenting". Dr. S. Davico, PDS ASL TO3 Vigone, on "Experience of a path of promotion of parenting" Dr. A. Marra, S.C. Intensive Neonatology Therapy, Moncalieri ASL TO5, on "Ethical aspects in neonatology". Dr.ssa Magnano, S.C. Child and adolescent neuropsychiatry ASLTO3, on "Maternal psychological discomfort: on the side of the child". Dr. M. Nangeroni, S.C. Pediatrics Osp. Pinerolo ASL TO3, on "Hospital assistance continuity". territory: an example of integrated management in the Pinerolo area Dr. M. Pace, S.C. Pediatrics Osp. Rivoli ASL TO3, on "Interaction problems hospital territory ". Dott.ssa A. Persico, pediatric nurse, on "La carta dei diritti del bambino in hospital: the model of the HPH Piemonte network ". Dr. M. Rolando, S.C. Child and adolescent neuropsychiatry ASLTO3, on "Informed consent in pediatric age". Dr. L. Roasio, S.C. Pediatrics Osp. Pinerolo ASL TO3, on "Experience of procedural pain in neonatology " Dr. P. Savant Levet, S.C. Neonatology Osp. Maria Vittoria, on "Good practices on the management of procedural pain in neonatology". Dr. S. Scarponi, S.C. Psychology, S.S. Developmental age psychology ASL TO3, on "Early Childhood Development (ECD) and child parent relationships". Dr. F. Zaltron, sociologist, University of Eastern Piedmont, on "The recognition of child skills in the therapeutic relationship: childish and adult looks compared". At the end of the day, the participants will be able to use an application of the IO.O.3 modules (Communication between the healthcare staff, by ASL TO3) as a tool for assessing the contents of the day and the skills implemented. Softis-Ped local partners associated were involved in the dissemination phase of the day and communication of the event. They are: Fondazione Paideia, Laboratorio Salute, Infanzia e Adolescenza (Lab-SIA), The Italian Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology (SIPNEI ), International Center for Studies on Educational Methodology (ICSEM), Movement for self-development, Interchange and Solidarity (MAIS).
Outcomes and Results:
Softis-Ped visibility in ASL TO3 community (250.000 inhabitants in Turin suburban area: main cities involved are Collegno, Pinerolo, Venaria, Giaveno, Orbassano, Rivoli) and Softis Ped results dissemination.
Supporting Documents:

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